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Chris Keller and Margaret Greenberg
Chris Keller, founder of, solves the problem of scheduling follow-up emails with your contacts.

Margaret Greenberg, author of Profit from the Positive, talks about the power of positive psychology in the workplace.

Justin Esgar and Chris Schroeder
Justin Esgar, founder of Autriv, talks about their app SignMyPad that allows you to sign and secure documents on a tablet.

Chris Schroeder, author of Startup Rising, talks about the booming startup culture in the Middle East and why new businesses are flocking to a volatile area to pursue entrepreneurial dreams.

Jared Goralnick
Jared Goralnick, founder and CEO of Awayfind, talks about better options for email.

Brian Dodds and Scott Miller
Brian Dodds, president of Recognition Professionals International, talks about the importance of recognizing employees and implementing a reward system.

Scott Miller from Penny Sports talks about trends in television and broadcasting local sports in local markets.

Wil Schroter and Courtney Seiter
Wil Schroter, CEO of, talks about crowdfunding your business.

Courtney Seiter, social media marketing at Raven, talks about monitoring your social media presence.

John Stokka and Megan Berry
John Stokka, CEO of DomiKnow, talks about online resources available to small businesses and the services DomiKnow can help with.

Megan Berry, head of community and social product at RebelMouse, talks about getting all your social media feeds in one location to better handle your traffic.

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