Mark Aesch and Mark Schaefer


Two Marks for the price of one!

Don't miss Mark Aesch, the author of Driving Excellence, on Everything Internet this week. Mark Schaefer, Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions and blogger at Business Grow

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Guest: Mark Aesch

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In an era when government spending is through the roof, when General Motors is adding a line to its balance sheet that says “owned by the taxpayer”, and when most airlines are charging people just to tote their luggage on board – a public transportation system in Rochester, NY has achieved something extraordinarily remarkable. The organization has run surpluses for five consecutive years, actually cut fares for customers and reduced its reliance on taxpayer dollars.

Driving Excellence offers concrete management tips on how to replace the ego driven language of “I think” with data driven information so managers can say “I know". Learn how to never make a tough decision again. And, discover the greatest management tip of all, how to guide your organization to succeed, rather than just survive.

From strategy development, to quality measurement systems to good old fashion courage in decision making, Driving Excellence offers executable action steps that have proven breakthrough results.

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Guest: Mark Schaefer

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With extensive experience in  sales, marketing, eCommerce, social media, creative services and marketing communicationsour firm can help many types of businesses. Our most successful partnerships have been with business owners who have great products and services but can’t afford the expense of a full-time marketing resource to help them grow. Our company provides affordable out-sourced marketing  support to address both short-term sales opportunities and long-term strategic renewal.