Kyle Eschenroeder

Kyle Eschenroeder spent the majority of his teen years in front of five computer monitors trading various financial markets, culminating in him opening a hedge fund while in college.

After making $5000 while sitting through a monotonous lecture he realized there were some things that his professors couldn’t offer him. This led to his passion for self-reliance and alternative education.

Fascinated by the Internet and business, he went on to manage virtual communities at and later at

After closing down his fund and engagement at Grooveshark he took a year-long sabbatical to explore the world and philosophies in it. During this time he dove deeply into yoga, meditation, and art. He meditated for ten days in the woods, wrote and directed a short film, and published a book of poems. This deep exploration of the “other side of life” has given him a profound appreciation and love for the art of business that he continues to explore.