John Meyer and Dustin Grosse


John Meyer, co-founder of 9Clouds, talks about social media literacy and how to get with the program in the evolving landscape.

Dustin Grosse, founder and CEO of Docusign, talks about bringing an essential part of business, the signature, into the digital age.

9Clouds improves digital literacyListen to segment

Guest: John Meyer

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9Clouds focuses on digital literacy as a way to interact with and keep your customers. With an emphasis on training and teaching, 9Clouds helps businesses achieve independence when working with social media.

Two off-shoots of 9Clouds include Sandbox and

Docusign helps your world work better with the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud.Listen to segment

Guest: Dustin Grosse

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Dustin Grosse joined DocuSign in November 2010 as senior vice president, chief marketing and business development officer. Prior to DocuSign, Dustin led Microsoft's Field (SMSG) Readiness, a group focused on improving how Microsoft sells, markets and offers service to customers and partners. Dustin also jump-started Microsoft's Office Unified Communications Group (UCG) as sales and marketing general manager.

Dustin joined Microsoft through its 2003 acquisition of Software-as-a-Service pioneer PlaceWare Web Conferencing. He led PlaceWare to become one of Silicon Valley's five fastest growing companies in 2002. Dustin has a long history of driving revenue and customer growth as a sales and marketing executive at Covad Communications, Voxeo and OnFiber.

In addition to leading technology companies, Dustin led strategy, sales, marketing and operations consulting engagements for Fortune 500 and start-up companies with McKinsey & Company. Early in his career, he served in brand management at Procter & Gamble and in corporate finance with Fluor Corporation and the Equitable Companies. Dustin earned an MBA from Yale's School of Management and a BS in Economics from the University of California.