Dustin Grosse

Dustin Grosse joined DocuSign in November 2010 as senior vice president, chief marketing and business development officer. Prior to DocuSign, Dustin led Microsoft's Field (SMSG) Readiness, a group focused on improving how Microsoft sells, markets and offers service to customers and partners. Dustin also jump-started Microsoft's Office Unified Communications Group (UCG) as sales and marketing general manager.

Dustin joined Microsoft through its 2003 acquisition of Software-as-a-Service pioneer PlaceWare Web Conferencing. He led PlaceWare to become one of Silicon Valley's five fastest growing companies in 2002. Dustin has a long history of driving revenue and customer growth as a sales and marketing executive at Covad Communications, Voxeo and OnFiber.

In addition to leading technology companies, Dustin led strategy, sales, marketing and operations consulting engagements for Fortune 500 and start-up companies with McKinsey & Company. Early in his career, he served in brand management at Procter & Gamble and in corporate finance with Fluor Corporation and the Equitable Companies. Dustin earned an MBA from Yale's School of Management and a BS in Economics from the University of California.