Dan Vasquez

Dan Vasquez is the founder of Hecho Latino Clothing Company. Hecho Latino Clothing Company is dedicated to the preservation of the values, work ethic and optimism which have guided us through the generations. It is our pledge to celebrate the depth, beauty and diversity of the Latino culture, give back to our community, and give you the chance to own clothing guaranteed to make you proud.

The Hecho Latino Clothing Company is committed to honoring the heritage and traditions of their culture. That commitment is evident through every aspect of what they do. It is woven through the creation of their unique line of D’HECHOS t-shirts, to the selection of their Latin American clothing manufacturers, and in their pledge to give back to their community. The D’HECHOS line is where old school meets cutting edge. D’HECHOS honors generations of wisdom. Giving the old-fashioned “dichos” they grew up with a modern twist. Kind of like the Vasquez family itself. They are a family made up of many ethnicities – a reflection of the changing world around us. What keeps them grounded is traditions and family values… with roots as deep as their family tree.