Brenton Gieser

Brenton Gieser is the President of ConvoSpark, a social media development agency focused on building socially engaging technology on Facebook, mobile devices, and other social media platforms.

ConvoSpark is a team of experienced, enthusiastic, up-beat and socially savvy leaders whose sole purpose is to change the way the world sees brands in this new age. They believe in continuous improvement in their process and their service, and they know they have the edge on other companies because of their passion and experience on their team.

Brenton is best known as a creator, builder and a social media architect. Recently, he has built a startup, became an advisor on several other internet startups, became the social media consultant for a large Angel Investment Firm and worked with several Fortune 500 companies on their social media strategy. His central focus is to help build a systematic approach for brands, organizations, public figures and entrepreneurs to leverage social media on the right platforms. You can find him discussing the intersection of social media and entrepreneurship on his personal blog,