Adam Lieb and Kourtney Heintz


Adam Lieb, founder and CEO of Duxter, talks about building a community and how to find targeted customers.

Duxter is a social network for gamers. What Linkedin has done for our professional lives, Duxter is doing for our gamer life.

Kourtney Heintz
, author of The Six Train to Wisconsin and Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semifinalist, talks about marketing online and utilizing Internet opportunities to promote her writing.

Kourtney Heintz writes speculative fiction for adults. As K.C. Tansley, she writes YA contemporary fantasy. Kourtney’s debut novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin, was a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semifinalist. The Publishers Weekly reviewer called it “an emotionally intense, candid exploration of devotion, forgiveness, and acceptance.” A customer reviewer compared her writing style to Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife.

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Guest: Kourtney Heintz

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Author Kourtney Heintz didn’t intend to make a lot of noise, but when her novel, The Six Train to Wisconsin, made its way through several rounds of’s breakthough novel awards, that’s exactly what happened. “I checked the list twice. Then I printed it out. Just to make sure. I ran upstairs and showed it to my mom. She leapt off her treadmill and checked it over, confirming I was a semifinalist,” Heintz says of her nomination. Six Train is a gripping novel about a man named Oliver, who attempts to save his wife Kai from her out-of-control telepathy, and brings her to the quiet Wisconsin town he abandoned a decade ago, where he must confront the secrets of his past to save their future.

Heintz continued by saying, “Once I met Oliver and Kai, I knew theirs was the love story I wanted to read. I always feel frustrated by how romance novels tend to end just when the couple gets together. To me, that’s when the heart of the story truly begins. Finding each other is easy. Staying together—that’s the epic journey.”

Six Train deals with big issues. “I thought about what it would be like to be the support system for someone suicidal. The kind of wear it would take on someone’s psyche and their soul,” said Heintz. However daunting the social issues, Heintz says, “This is the book I always wanted to write.”

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Guest: Adam Lieb

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In the same way that LinkedIn has become the home of your professional identity, and Facebook the home of your social identity, founder and CEO Adam Lieb wants to turn his startup Duxter into the center of your gaming identity.

There are plenty of other gaming social networks, but Lieb argued that they’re too focused on specific aspects of the gaming experience. Raptr, for example, is mostly where you go to share your gameplay stats and achievements. Duxter should include that kind of tracking, he said, but instead of going deep on any one feature, it should support a broad range of social interactions. Ultimately, Lieb is aiming to create the platform for all of your gaming-related and social activity related needs — that’s where the Facebook and LinkedIn comparisons come in.

When someone signs up for Duxter, they link their accounts from other gaming services, including Xbox Live, Playstation, World of Warcraft, Steam, and YouTube. Then they can follow updates from other users, games, and general pages. They can also send messages, participate in the forums, browse videos watched by other users, play games, and earn rewards.